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I am a mom, a yoga teacher, an eternal island girl, entrepreneur, life partner, a modern-day hippie, and healer. I remember growing up on an island in the south pacific in Guam as a little girl barefoot. I used to play on the beach, eat local food, drink fresh coconut water, climb trees and smell the aroma of plumeria, hibiscus and gardenia while placing them in my hair as our traditional custom. Everything was simple, natural and pure on my beautiful island. I longed to live that lifestyle again. Through some unforeseen health challenges 25 years ago, I decided to return to a natural lifestyle. It was the only choice for me because after numerous surgeries and several prescriptions… I wanted to Feel Better, Live Better, Look Better and Love Better. It didn’t happen overnight…but I made a choice to start “LIVING” a healthy natural lifestyle for myself and my family.

Living a natural lifestyle in this modern sometimes hectic world can be a challenge. I have discovered how to start and maintain that lifestyle with simple Essential steps. I AM a living testimony that you can heal yourself of emotional and physical health conditions by believing you can with self-love and committed action.

I am passionate about connecting and transforming people’s lives by sharing my health journey, knowledge and life experiences and supporting their goals and dreams. I am grateful to be partnered and surrounded by inspirational, motivational, life-changing people who make a difference in our overall health, wealth, people and our planet. My mission is to serve people by empowering them to take ownership of their mind, body, and spirit; ultimately connecting to their authentic self and sharing their wholeheartedness with others. When this transformation comes to fruition, the entire world is a happier, healthier, and peaceful place for humanity and all living beings.
It starts with Me… and together WE can achieve abundance, health, wealth and freedom to Do and Be whatever our heart and soul desires.

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