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In this episode of the Women’s Wellness That Works Expert Series, we sit down with Mimi Cerutti, a renowned Nutrition and lifestyle Expert, to discuss her journey to wellness and how she helps women achieve optimal health, balance, and happiness.  

Mimi candidly shares her personal story of overcoming health challenges and addiction to alcohol and how she has been sober for over five years. She also talks about how her son’s epilepsy has taught her the importance of mindfulness and self-care.  

Mimi also shares her self-care routine, which includes daily meditation, exercise, and pampering rituals. She emphasizes the importance of taking time for yourself to recharge and refocus, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.  

Lastly, Mimi talks about her new business venture, which offers nutrition coaching, wellness retreats, and online courses for women who want to improve their health and wellness.  

Join us for this inspiring conversation with Mimi Cerutti, and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more expert interviews and wellness tips.  

We are thrilled to introduce you to Amy Schildknecht, a Cancer Wellness Expert who shares her incredible journey with us.

In this episode, we learn about the initial shock and fear Amy experienced upon hearing her son’s diagnosis and the alternative methods she used to manage the symptoms. Amy also shares the importance of caring for oneself while caring for a loved one with cancer and discovering her strength and resilience through her son’s journey. Amy’s tips for parents dealing with a child’s cancer diagnosis and ways to support families through their cancer journey are insightful and invaluable.

We are grateful to Amy for sharing her journey with us and hope her story provides comfort and inspiration for others.

In this Women’s Wellness that Works Expert Series episode, we sit with Emily Cellis, a holistic healer, licensed therapist, and Reiki expert.

Emily shares her insights on the practice of Reiki and its benefits for physical and emotional well-being. She also provides practical tips on self-care and mental health and shares three to five key things she’s learned about wellness that every Woman should know.

Tune in to this inspiring conversation with Emily Cellis on the Women’s Wellness that Works Expert Series.


Are you or someone you know struggling to heal from sexual abuse?

Join us for the Women’s Wellness That Works Expert Series featuring Agatha Gomez, where she shares her healing journey and overcoming the physical and emotional impacts of sexual abuse.

In this powerful episode, Agatha opens up about her childhood experiences, her perceptions growing up, and how she recalled these memories at a young age.

Agatha also talks about the physical effects of the abuse on her relationships and family and what women need to know about sexual abuse and healing.

This Women’s Wellness That Works Expert Series episode is a must-watch for anyone seeking guidance and support on their healing from sexual abuse.

Tune in to hear Agatha’s inspiring story and learn how to move forward and heal from her insights.

In this empowering episode, we’re joined by the remarkable Tatiana Berger, a woman who has not only faced but also overcome some of life’s toughest challenges. From her career as a successful lawyer to her courageous battle with cancer and the personal growth she experienced after the end of her marriage, Tatiana’s story is sure to inspire and uplift her.

Listen in as Tatiana shares her insights on:

  1. What motivated her to become a lawyer
  2. The valuable lessons she learned about herself after her marriage ended
  3. Her discovery of the BRCA gene and its impact on her life
  4. The advice she has for women with a history of cancer in their family
  5. Her transformative experience at the Pure Abundance Retreat in Belize


Join us for this enlightening conversation and witness the resilience and courage of a woman who has faced adversity and emerged more vital than ever. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Tatiana’s inspiring journey and gain valuable insights into wellness, self-discovery, and personal growth.

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